• Canton Fair Booth

    canton fair booth no:11.2 B42,Time;15th~19th April
  • Large modulus hob will reduce delivery time for the United States won the heavily Gleason

    The new plant uses lean production hob , hob speed up large modulus starting from the bar the whole production process , including all parameters in the field of hob rigorous testing. The new plant also makes the hob hob Gleason expanded product range , the maximum diameter of the new hob 450mm, length 530mm, modulus 40 . These products include the popular EZ Gleason hob , it has a unique flute d...
  • Market share of China's machine tool numerical control system needs to be further improved

    China's domestic market share to promote a comprehensive CNC Despite significant achievements , but there is still a big gap on market share . Some time ago , the domestic machine tool CNC system to transform the old focus in many areas a lot of work , has made remarkable achievements in the future still have to support this . At present, for the expansion of market capacity and an industrial scale, we must increase the pro...
  • The performance of heavy-duty machine tool industry in China's international status

    Over the years, foreign heavy-duty machine tools into the Chinese market mainly in Germany, Italy-based. By the world market downturn, the German heavy machine tool manufacturing industry gradually decline, some of the world-famous companies have all been merged or closed down. However, the Italian machine tool companies in the heavy government subsidies support the rapid development in recent years, a great alternative to the German trend. Spanish heavy machine manufacturing industry is...

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