The performance of heavy-duty machine tool industry in China's international status

Over the years, foreign heavy-duty machine tools into the Chinese market mainly in Germany, Italy-based. By the world market downturn, the German heavy machine tool manufacturing industry gradually decline, some of the world-famous companies have all been merged or closed down. However, the Italian machine tool companies in the heavy government subsidies support the rapid development in recent years, a great alternative to the German trend. Spanish heavy machine manufacturing industry is also really impressive, will undoubtedly pose a threat to domestic enterprises. Thus, in the future market competition, China's major heavy-duty machine tool companies facing international competition mainly from Germany, Italy and Spain.
Heavy-duty machine tools imported products, mostly in high-end digital products, products which are more in Germany and Italy, representing the world's advanced level. Domestic products and foreign products in the structure of the difference is not large, the use of new technology is almost the same, the biggest difference is the core component of the transmission speed, accuracy and reliability, as well as the level of the machine tool manufacturing processes and quality, which is foreign products the greatest advantage.
Although slightly inferior to domestic manufacturers of advanced foreign technology level, but in manufacturing capacity and price are a great advantage, especially in super-heavy-duty machine has reached the international advanced level. China has produced nearly 10 sets of 16 m single-column vertical lathe CNC, foreign production is small. Now, Wu is for the Shanghai Heavy Factory production of a 20 m single-column vertical milling CNC lathe, table load 550 tons; Zhejiang Fuchun River, a private production of a 18 m single-column vertical lathe CNC, table diameter 10 meters, bearing 600 tons; of Dongfang Electrical Machinery plant in one of the world's largest super-heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe, machining diameter of 5 meters, 20 meters long, bearing 500 tons.
Domestic heavy-duty machine tool manufacturing industry to catch up with advanced technical level, to strengthen the "independent innovation, precision manufacturing" concept, to accelerate the pace of innovation and change behind the foreign domestic product deficiencies, not always behind with the others to imitate; enhanced refinement manufacturing, improve product standards and quality manufacturing processes, including various functional components and related accessories, manufacture of CNC machine tools is the fundamental guarantee of the two, so as soon as heavy machine tools made in China into the international market and enhance international competitiveness.