Market share of China's machine tool numerical control system needs to be further improved

China's domestic market share to promote a comprehensive CNC Despite significant achievements, but there is still a big gap on market share. Some time ago, the domestic machine tool CNC system to transform the old focus in many areas a lot of work, has made remarkable achievements in the future still have to support this. At present, for the expansion of market capacity and an industrial scale, we must increase the proportion of the new machine supporting.
CNC plant to constantly develop new products, overall improvement in quality; to fully focus on the backbone of machine tool manufacturers to enter, to understand their needs, improve their products and enthusiasm to serve them; should improve the credibility of domestic CNC system , for OEMs and end-user support. This is a difficult task, we must persevere firmly be carried out, this is related to the development and progress of China-made CNC, we must be fully prepared.
More than three full forward, will be our CNC system industry in the next period of time of guidelines, policy support, capital investment, foreign cooperation and other aspects, will implement this policy. Meanwhile, the National Machinery Industry Bureau will further standardize the market behavior, consistent with the overall state of the machinery industry policies and efforts to achieve the lead market, fair competition, limited backward, the development of advanced, to avoid duplication of the target.
CNC system in China has experienced 40 years of development, the task is still arduous, the future remains bright. Turn of the century, we wish to seize the opportunity in this industry, hard work. Out of confusion, and brilliant achievements.