Large modulus hob will reduce delivery time for the United States won the heavily Gleason

The new plant uses lean production hob, hob speed up large modulus starting from the bar the whole production process, including all parameters in the field of hob rigorous testing. The new plant also makes the hob hob Gleason expanded product range, the maximum diameter of the new hob 450mm, length 530mm, modulus 40. These products include the popular EZ Gleason hob, it has a unique flute design, increasing the number of cutting edge, when in the rough-cut hob increased by 70% than normal amount of feed.

Furthermore, the new plant also makes the Gleason cutter to produce the industry's most sophisticated peer-fine-cut hob, AGMA accuracy standard AA, can meet the required involute tooth or special line modification.

The completion of the new plant to become peers in the industry makes the Gleason gear cutting tools and fixtures widest range of company products, covering today's production requirements cylindrical gear and bevel gear of all types and all sizes of knives.

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